November in Bloom

We were lucky enough to have a Florida Thanksgiving and a Massachusetts Thanksgiving this year. 

Southern Cornbread Dressing

You can’t have Thanksgiving without parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Together, these four herbs make up the key seasonings in the feast. As soon as you smell them, you know it’s turkey time.There are two names for the bready casserole where we go wild with these herbs: dressing and stuffing. Actually, there’s a third type… Read More

Satan’s Whiskers

I used to be a tea lover in a world filled with coffee shops. I’d stare at chalkboards listing fancy lattes and cappuccinos, but my options were always Lipton, regular or decaf. Every once in a while I’d visit shops devoted exclusively to tea in other cities and think, wow, if that was in my… Read More

Dark & Stormy Banana Jam

You’ve got to really love bananas to grow your own. Those tropical leaves are beautiful in the landscape, and while they reliably produce a ton of fruit, all that fruit comes with a ton of work.