November In Bloom

Happy Thanksgiving!  dolphinsThe fishing was great until we ran into these dolphins near Captiva.  A mom and her baby approached the boat, putting on a show for food.  We don’t feed them, but obviously many people do.bluefishWe caught some fish for the smoker.  This bluefish with mustard seeds will be a Thanksgiving appetizer.

For a simple snack while you cook, try my friend Coley’s rosemary maple roasted pecans.  

contrail at sunset, Big Pine Key

Thanksgiving is a Beast: Florida author Karen Russell’s Thanksgiving tradition of biking through the Everglades dodging alligators.  Sounds like a good way to work off some food.

wild coffee
shiny wild coffee at Key West Botanical Gardens

The new Adele album could bring peace to dinner tables across the land!

Thank you so much for supporting my blog.  I hope your table overflows with good food, people you love, and lots of clinking glasses!  Cheers!  xoxo

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