February in Bloom

Here’s how the month looked around here.

Eagles at Galt Island Preserve.And a mangrove trail.
Shelling with mom on Cayo Costa. No idea what we’re going to do with them. This manatee loves hanging out under the fish cleaning table catching spray. We should name him.The Meyer lemon is already blooming again. I love the flowers on this twisty Petrea vine. They spin like pinwheels when they drop. Buddy still lives in the staghorn fern. See him peeking out? A possum lives in the fern above him. They keep different schedules.

In other news, the blog is coming along. You’ll find a handy search bar at the bottom of each page, and the subscribe and archive pages should be up and running soon. And more illustrations! Come back and see them soon.

Hope you all had a great month! 




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