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Miso-Coconut Flounder with Bok Choy

I’ve been making variations of this for over 12 years. I first made it in the hand-me-down oven our friends gave us to replace the one with the hole rusted in the side so we didn’t burn down our house.

Hot Fish

If you come to my house for dinner any time soon, I can tell you right now what we’re having.

Florida Lobster Bites & Meyer Lemon Aioli

Did everybody have a great Thanksgiving weekend? I hope you’ve scraped those casserole dishes clean and eaten the last slice of pecan pie and the only thing left of your turkey is stock.

Stone Crab Bisque

While I wait for this election to be over, I cook.

Grilled Shrimp with Cajun Butter

Bubba Gump taught us there are endless ways to cook shrimp. This little shellfish is versatile, but sometimes shrimp recipes are dominated by other ingredients and the shrimp become nothing more than convenient, bite-sized protein. Not this time. This recipe is all about making the tastiest shrimp possible.

Lanes Cove Lobster Pad Thai

For The Classic American Summer, look no further than coastal New England. It’s like a postcard come to life in red, white, and blue.