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Gin & Basil Juice

Before the road to the Lower Keys opened, reporter Bill Weir took a boat to Key West to see how the recovery is going. He and his crew brought along food and water and supplies, but when they got there, everyone offered them food and water. The only thing anyone asked them for was a… Read More

Florida Fried Avocados

I’m frying something that’s already perfectly delicious on its own, and I don’t feel bad about it at all. 

Meyer Lemon & Ginger Marmalade

You know when life hands me lemons I do not stop at lemonade. I’ve had a steady supply since October, and now my freezer is stocked with cubes of juice. 

Cigar City Brewing

It was Vicente Martinez Ybor, a Spanish immigrant from Cuba, who brought cigar manufacturing to Tampa in the 1880s, and along with it, the Spanish-influenced architecture that still defines the town’s most historic neighborhood:  brick factories, ornate balconies shading the sidewalks, elegant social clubs, and rows of casitas. It became known as Ybor City, and… Read More

The Florida Keys

Our annual pilgrimage to the Florida Keys is coming up. I can’t wait to cross all those bridges over the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, where the waters are a thousand shades of turquoise, and roll down the windows to catch that salty breeze.