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Meyer Lemon & Ginger Marmalade

You know when life hands me lemons I do not stop at lemonade. I’ve had a steady supply since October, and now my freezer is stocked with cubes of juice. 

Double Chocolate Stout Cake

… with Baileys buttercream. I don’t like long-winded recipe titles, but you should know what you’re getting into here. This is a St. Patrick’s Day celebration cake!

Florida Hurricane Popcorn

We planned to spend last weekend on the boat catching lobsters. Instead, we stocked up on water and kept an eye on the radar.  

Simple Sauces for Fish

We never tire of simply prepared fish.  The secret to never getting bored with it:  sauce.  That’s what makes any fish recipe over the top, and it completely transforms the flavor from one dish to the next.

Green Mango Salad

I eat a lot of green papaya salad at my neighborhood Thai restaurant.  The owner jokes that the Thai don’t wait for fruit to be ripe.  If they’re hungry, they eat it.  And they know how to make it taste incredible.  

Sapodilla Custard

Have you ever tried a sapodilla?  The fruit looks like a kiwi; small and brown with sandpapery skin.  It tastes like a spoonful of caramelized brown sugar, with the texture of a pear.  The Mayans used the rubbery sapodilla sap, called chicle, to make the world’s first chewing gum.