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Mango Mahi Larb

I cannot tell you how many different mango recipes we tried before finding one we deemed “mango mania-worthy.” Somehow we settled on a dish called larb, which was a bold move.

Florida Homebrewed Kombucha

My grandma made this stuff she called “mushroom tea.” It was a big jar filled with murky liquid and floating blobs. It certainly raised some eyebrows, and I’m sure that’s half of why she did it. 

Surinam Cherry Sambal

I’ll never forget the first time I tried homemade sambal. Two family friends, Yanti and Irna, were staying with us one summer. We were all stocked up on the ABC brand of Indonesian sambal that’s a staple in our family, but after a month these Balinese girls were craving the homemade stuff they ate back home.

Mint Juleps

My friend Kelley sent me on a quest for the ultimate mint julep for Derby Day. This drink has only four ingredients: bourbon, mint, sugar, and ice. I’ve had my share, but I’ve never made one at home. How hard could it be?

Jaboticaba Syrup

Enter the world of exotic tropical fruit at your own risk, because once you’re in it, there’s no turning back.

Passionfruit Rum

For our honeymoon ten years ago, we went to Toby’s favorite island in the Caribbean.