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Satan’s Whiskers

I used to be a tea lover in a world filled with coffee shops. I’d stare at chalkboards listing fancy lattes and cappuccinos, but my options were always Lipton, regular or decaf. Every once in a while I’d visit shops devoted exclusively to tea in other cities and think, wow, if that was in my… Read More

Dark & Stormy Banana Jam

You’ve got to really love bananas to grow your own. Those tropical leaves are beautiful in the landscape, and while they reliably produce a ton of fruit, all that fruit comes with a ton of work.

Frozen Coconut Limeade

One summer day a long time ago, I was stuck in the Schiphol airport. My flight was delayed again and again. The hours ticked by and I was so exhausted but I couldn’t fall asleep because I was alone. A flight attendant dressed like Judy Jetson walked up to me and said “I have the… Read More