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Citrus Salt

This time of year my kitchen is piled up with all kinds of citrus from our trees, our neighbor’s trees, and the beauties I can’t resist at farm stands. 

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Plant City Strawberry Milkshakes

Just east of Tampa on Route 60, when the city has faded from my rearview and I pass the last strip mall, it’s time to roll down the windows for some fresh country air in Plant City. There are miles of bright green pastures with horses and cows and Spanish-moss draped oak trees. The sunny, cool days of… Read More

Honeybell Hibiscus Jelly

You might have noticed I’m obsessed with Honeybells. I’ve fallen hard for their clever marketing ploys, but I don’t care. I love them.


I loved baking Christmas cookies with my grandma every year. I don’t know where the other kids were, probably climbing trees or catching lizards, but it was always just grandma and me. 

Star Fruit Chips

My Aunt Bernie had a carambola tree by her front door and it was always loaded with fruit. She’d slice up the pretty stars on a glass plate for all of us kids.