November In Bloom

Good thing I have photos to remind me, otherwise I don’t know what happened this month.

Collard Greens Gratin

In my family, Thanksgiving is always a challenge to see how many pounds of butter and pecans we can pack into one meal. The number is a source of pride among the cooks, but it should never be shared with the guests. When anyone asks why all these vegetables taste so amazing, we answer with a… Read More

The Florida Postcard Project

I’ve been collecting old Florida postcards for years. I pick them up here and there, especially the ones with familiar places, or my favorite plants, or a lovely note to a friend. 

Dumpster Cookies

These are supposed to be called compost cookies. Yes, I do realize that doesn’t sound any better.

October In Bloom

We spent this past week at our favorite little hideaway on an elbow of Big Pine Key.

Mojito Grilled Fish Skewers

Today is the first day of stone crab season! We’ve gathered on Big Pine Key for our annual family stone crab extravaganza, which didn’t happen last year thanks to the hurricane. Before we hop on the boat, here’s a fantastic grilled fish recipe I’ve been working on for you.

Ocean-Friendly Boat Lunches

Hurricane Michael is far offshore from Tampa but it’s spinning off storms in our direction. The clouds are passing over our house so quickly we can watch them from the window like cars driving by. I hope everyone in the Panhandle is boarded up and hunkered down. 

September In Bloom

Seems like this month was mostly mangos according to the photos in my phone.