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Meyer Lemon & Basil Hummus

I first made hummus in college using a blender, painstakingly scraping down the sides of the jar and adding more liquid so it would purée. It wasn’t perfect, but it was more economical than those tiny tubs, especially when you’re living on the stuff.  

Rosemary Roasted Flounder

I was reading an online travel guide to Portugal recently and found an entire discussion board on restaurants that offer filleted fish, as opposed to the traditional whole fish served there.  I was surprised how many people, mostly Americans, explicitly did not want to eat fish served whole.

Meyer Lemon Truffles

I have one more sweet citrus treat for the holidays and it’s the most decadent of all:  truffles of smooth white chocolate spiked with Meyer lemon zest.

Florida Citrus Peel Candy

Once you squeeze the last bit of juice from fresh citrus, don’t throw the peel away.  Make candy. These pretty little gems are bursting with flavor.